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As you may have already realized, we take pest control very seriously and waste no time when it comes to waging battles on pest and vermin, this is why keeping in touch with our customers and giving them the chance to contact us freely and easily is paramount. Pest control is a very real industry, with real people and real problems, this is why we have real phone consultants helping customers over the phone, rather than senseless automated answering and booking systems that make you push three for rats or push five for fleas. Customers can place or cancel a booking on the phone, they can also reschedule or change job parameters over the phone with no additional fuss, simple, straight forward way of doing business.
Don’t feel like talking much? Hop online and surf through our user-friendly website, check out if we are running any discounts or specials at that time, or in case of seasonal deals we may be offering at that moment. Securing a viewing or service with us online is easy as child’s play. All it takes is for you to complete a simple online booking form, stating what the problem is, what’s your location and when do you want us to visit you. Leave the rest to us, one of our phone consultants will contact you back to confirm and clarify any additional info, should the need be there. Customers can also drop us an email with service queries or suggestions and feedback concerning jobs or anything else bug and vermin related, we will be happy to respond to you with the required information. The relevant email addresses are listed on our website. We as a company believe in timely, adequate and firm action when it comes to doing business, this is reflected in the way we keep in contact with our customers, no wasting time and nuisance chatter, straight to the point, straight to business.

Pest Control Hounslow

Pest Control Hounslow

Pest control services Hounslow
Heath Road Hounslow, TW3 2NP
Latitude: 51.4643507 Longitude: -0.3549458999999615
Phone: 020 3404 1465